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  •  What We Provide  You:

Comprehensive Personalized Estate Liquidation Services for Individuals and Businesses  in the Melbourne and Vero Beach Areas with Local & Regional Advertising Exposure Reaching Tens of Thousands of Subscribers,  Buyers, Collectors & Dealers  Provided by Professionals with Experience Valuating and Making Markets for all Personal Household goods. We Specialize in Appraising Art, Antiques, Oddities, Collectibles, Books, Oriental Carpets, Cars, Boats, Tools, Commercial & Industrial Equipment, Numismatics & Jewelry & Offer F.F.L Services for Safe & Legal Disposal of Personal or Inherited Weapons. Know a Hoarder? No Job is too Big with markets made and buyers found for all wares. In Just a Few Days of Sale After Adverting & Staging We Will Turn Your Estate Chattel and Personal Property into QUICK CA$H.


You May Be Sitting On A Goldmine

You may be sitting on a goldmine and not know it but In just a few hours  we will quickly determine whether you are or not and provide you with an honest opinion. The fact is that many people do not even realize if some of the items they have just Inherited or Collected since childhood and may otherwise take for granted have any major value or not and that is part of where our expertise comes in. Once in accord with a strategy we will then help you realize the full potential value of your personal property. 


The Inevitability of Life's Changes: Our Mission & Purpose

The need for estate liquidation services usually arise during times of stressful life changes and the advent of personal revelations which in the course of life inevitably confront all individuals and families.  Whether you are dealing with the passing of a loved one,  a changing health situation, a divorce or simply realize the need for economic downsizing, an orderly liquidation offers quick solutions and peace of mind by turning your estate chattel into either quick cash or the tax credits derived from the charitable donations of any post liquidation leftovers.

    We Offer:

 * Free Liquidation or downsize consultation. We come to you.

 * Free  photo-inventory advertising  on national media forums reaching thousands of collectors,dealers & buyers. 

 * Private confidential placements and sales of valuable personal treasures.           
* Pre sale cleaning, tagging & staging of contents for public sales.

 * Research to identify valuable art, rare books, coins and collectibles.

 * Identifying appropriate market venues to obtain maximum prices for high end items.

 * Market valuations for boats, cars, real estate & intellectual property rights.

 * Work & coordinate with realtors to make sure homes are empty and ready for closing dead lines.


FAQs & Tips For A Successful Sale

*Remove everything you want to keep before the sale or consolidate it into one room which will be locked during the sales event.

*Throw nothing away---Let your liquidator decide--One person's trash is another's treasure and almost everything is salable.

*Have reasonable expectations regarding pricing and values--what you paid for it originally is not necessarily what it is worth today. Your liquidation agent has the experience to price your personal property accurately.

* Schedule the liquidation date several weeks before the closing date of a home sale or move and although we will do last minute emergency liquidations with little notice or preparation to help clients in a bind we also charge a bit more for that since results are usually not quite as good as a sale given several weeks of advertising and ample staging and preparation time. By waiting until the last minute you are only short changing yourself.

* Most sales are held Friday through Sunday following a several week long ad campaign. 

* Unless the banks are closed on Monday due to a holiday or you are out of state we normally will have you a closing statement and a cashier's check in your hand within 24 hrs of the end of the sale and if you are out of state we will overnight it to you. 

*  There are NO up front fees for any of our services except unless an inventoried appraisal is requested by an attorney or probate court and then we charge up front for that. Otherwise our one flat all inclusive fee is derived at the end of the sale from the sales revenues.







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